The Bad Games – Trilogy – Jeff Menapace


I found out about these books through a Facebook ad. I guess my love of horror novels has flagged me as being someone who enjoys horror…they got one right! I was able to download them on my kindle for about $7.00 – which is a great deal for three books. The books are titled: Bad Games, Vengeful Games, and Hellbent. Each of the books follows on family as they are unwillingly thrown in a sick game of cat and mouse.

In Bad Games the reader meets Patrick, Amy and their kids Caleb and Carrie, who are setting off to enjoy a weekend at the lake. We also meet two brothers Artie and and Jim who are also heading to the lake; who also happen to think they will be enjoying their time there, especially now that they have found some new people to play with.

In Vengeful Games the reader is introduced to the aftermath of the weekend at the lake. There are survivors and there are causalities and each plays a huge part in this story. The family thinks the horror has ended only to find out that it can get a whole lot worse.

In Hellbent we see what terrible and dark things person can do to another person. Some of the things that have been thought up in this book are so unimaginable. In fact, I would go on to say that a lot of the things that go on in this book come from a very dark mind indeed.

Jeff has taken some very depraved ideas and turned them in games that leave this family tortured and broken. It leaves them changed for better or worse. It brings a side of them out that may have lied dormant forever. Perhaps we all have it in us to kill if the circumstances are right. Perhaps vengeance isn’t so far fetched when your family has been through hell and back. I hope I never find out.

That is why it is fun to read these. From the safety of your couch you can get lost in a book that is, at some points, super disturbing and then put it down and go back to your normal life.

This series had a Saw like feel to it, especially the last one. It was very fast paced, a lot of dialog which helped move the story along really well. The main characters were likable and relatable. I would recommend to anyone who likes horror, mystery, fiction, suspense or just a good ‘ol page turner.


The Midnight Star – Marie Lu


“None of us are saints. We can all do better”

The final installment in Marie Lu’s Young Elites novels. This one I liked better than the second. It was full of action, drama, and it was beautifully written.

I am again assuming that if you are reading this, you have read the first two. While I will try not to give anything away, there is always that a chance.

In this conclusion we find the Elites struggling with their powers. Some have become ill, some have gone mad, while others seem to be fairing okay. One of the Elites, Raffaele is aligned with the other elites powers and senses a deterioration. He concludes that they must give their powers back to the gods or have their powers kill  not only them, but their entire planet. In order to do this, they must make alliances with their enemies. A hard thing to ask to give up your powers, but harder still to travel with people you don’t think you can trust.

This book was a gripping, non stop conclusion to a great series. I can’t wait to see what else Marie comes up with next.