Innocence – Dean Koontz



I don’t know how much I can write about this novel without giving too much away – but I shall try.

First off, this was a good one. This is one of those books that will stick with you long after you finish it. I read it in no time because the book kept you wanting and honestly, when the last page was turned, you still wanted.

This story is told by Addison Goodheart who was brought up for the first eight years of his life by a mother who couldn’t stand to be around him. Fueled by drugs and alcohol she could only stand to look at him for short amounts of time. She cast him out when he was eight knowing that he would probably die, but she just couldn’t stand it anymore. Riddled by grief, guilt or something more she killed herself while Addison watched from the bushes. It was hard to read of a mother casting her son out like a piece of garbage. However, Addison held great respect for his mother and didn’t blame her. He knew that when people saw him, especially into his eyes, they wanted to kill him. His mother had told him of the midwife who delivered who tried to smother him with a blanket. His own mother tried and failed to kill him as well. However, Addison didn’t blame them. He knew that he was a monster and loathed bringing this much hatred and pain to people.

When he got into the city he was attacked by everyone who saw him and was thankfully rescued by someone just like him. Someone that people couldn’t stand the sight of. He came to know him simple as Father and lived beneath the city of people who would harm them if they ever looked into their eyes. They would only come out at night or during bad weather, and would always cover their faces so that people wouldn’t see them.

So the whole book you are thinking – “What in the name of all that is reasonable could be so bad that people won’t even look at them?!” The whole time.

Addison meets¬†Gwyneth who suffers from “Social Phobia” and cannot stand to be touched. He can’t be seen and she can’t be touched – already a match made in heaven. They a drawn together and soon hunted together. Something about them has made them targets and on a dark snowy evening the truth comes out.

This book, as I said, leaves you wanting more. The characters stay with you, the plot and the ending. It grips you from the first page and doesn’t let go.

I would recommend this book for anyone who likes Dean Koontz, Stephen King, mystery, fiction, or a book you spend the whole time saying “What the heck?!” and have to wait till the last pages to have it all make sense.



Life Expectancy – Dean Koontz



I enjoyed this book pretty much from the first page. The main character is a pastry chef and I love baking and watching baking shows. He also describes himself pretty much how I feel about myself, so it was nice having a main character you could really believe in. All that mixed with the characters dry and dark sense of humor and I was pretty much reading what my family would sound like…if we were pastry chefs with crazy clowns in our lives.

I think one of the greatest things, actually, was how Dean Koontz wove generations into the story, and made the whole thing seem completely plausible. In this book, Jimmy Tock is born on the same night his grandfather died. His grandfathers dying words were predictions of five terrible days for Jimmy that would happen throughout the course of his life. Each time one came true, there was no doubt that the rest would come to pass as well.

Jimmy and his family would face each terrible day as ready as they could; armed with love, common sense, sarcasm, pepper spray and a little creme brulee.

This book spans Jimmy’s life time and each chapter is leads you wanting the next one.

I would recommend this to anyone who loves mystery, Dean Koontz, and suspense. I would probably say if you are afraid of clowns…well this book won’t help your fears.

Winter Moon -Dean Koontz


This book originally came out in 1993 and focuses on a cop and his family after a tragedy occurs, forcing them out of L.A. and into a smaller rural town in Montana. The issues that the family deal with are ones that cops still deal with today. It was interesting to read a story that took place over 20 years ago and realize one sad thing that had nothing to do with the story line…we haven’t learned from our mistakes at all. We still murder without abandon, we deal drugs to children, we blame everyone and anyone for our shortcomings, and innocent lives are the ones that ultimately suffer when the adults decide to fight. It is honestly that hard truth more than the actual story that I will probably take away from this. And wonder, will we ever learn?

Dean Koontz is a master at weaving mystery and suspense into horrifying nightmares beyond imagination. He develops rich characters and beautiful landscapes that allow you to immerse yourself fully into his works. Winter Moon is no different.

After deciding to leave the hard streets of L.A. to what they hope will be a new start for them, the family barely gets unpacked when strange things start happening. They soon discover that maybe people are less scary than they thought, especially when the universe is full of even more mystifying and terrifying things than they had ever dreamed.

Fans of Dean Koontz, Stephen King, mystery, horror, suspense, or science fiction will enjoy this book for sure.