Doing Harm – Kelly Parsons


Doing Harm by Kelly Parsons was a  very quick read. It was a wonderful told medical/murder mystery. The main character, Dr. Steve Mitchell is on set to be one of the greatest surgeons at the hospital he works for. He went to all the right schools, he works hard, is smart and cool under pressure.. He also has a little family that he loves more than anything. It all changes when someone murders one of his patients and warns him that if he doesn’t play in their sick game, more will die.

In a story that could play out like any other story, Mr. Parsons manages to weave an engaging and unique tale that keeps you reading way past your bedtime. I think what I liked most about it was the medical terminology. In his bio, it says that he is a board certified urologist – so the detail involved, from the medical rooms to the instruments, from the femoral artery to the effects of potassium overload…every detail is thought out and feels authentic. That is a good if not critical part to a good medical drama.

As always, lines stick out to me and one at the very beginning almost had me discard the book all together: “No more than your typical locker room talk.” In reference to a new hot medical student that had just started with team. After our current…president…decided to defend rape culture by saying that locker room talk is innocent, well it just hit a little close to our current issues. However, I have never shied away from a book just because the subject matter, choice of language, or context has made me uncomfortable. So I continued reading and I am glad I did.

I think people who enjoy murder mysteries, fiction, mystery or medical dramas will enjoy this book.

You don’t have to take my word for it though! From that master himseslf: “Best damn medical thriller I’ve read in 25 years. Terrifying OR scenes, characters with real texture.” ―Stephen King

You can’t get a higher honor than that!

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