Sister – Rosamund Lupton


How can I even begin to explain the soul-shattering beauty of this book? This is a story of an older sister who finds out her younger sister has gone missing. She immediately hops on a flight and heads home to London to assist in the search for her. The story that unfolds tells of such love and devotion shared only by sisters. She goes through so many emotions in this book, all of which I read as I would, if I ever had to go through a similar thing. There were two lines that stuck out to me in this book that I think sum the story up more than I ever could. “I had not understood before why anyone would think a family whose child had been shot would want a teddy. But now I did; against the sound of gunshots, a thousand compassionate soft toys muffled a little their reverberating horror: ”  This stuck with me for two reasons: 1) it sums up Rosamund’s writing style beautiful. 2) I too had often wondered why people would leave teddy bears at crime scenes, it seemed so pointless. This made it a beautiful thing and I will forever look at them differently. The second quote: “For a moment I felt excluded from the threads of friendship that bind women together and which I’ve never felt I needed because, I’d always had you. ” That one hit me right in the soul. I feel exactly the same way about my sister. Best friends, sisters, soul mates, companions. You can’t properly express it in words because there are no words for a sisters love.

This book was beautiful written, heartbreaking, and another book that will live with me for quite some time. I would recommend it. After reading – go hug your sister.


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