Small Great Things -Jodi Picoult


Another excellent book by Jodi. The thing I took away from this book was that people can change. People can learn and grow.

The book follows three people in a situation that is very hard to read about. The death of a child. It is told by the perspective of Ruth, one of the nurses on duty, Turk, the child’s father and Kennedy, Ruth’s lawyer. Each brings a layer of detail and human insight to this tragic story.

The book deals with racism, but not in the way I have seen. I am white, I have never been stopped to check a receipt for my purchases, I have never been followed around a store, I have never been brushed aside, talked over, ignored, or have been told to “calm down” when stating my point. I have never in my life feared the police for any reason, and I have had reason. Jodi tells of a world that white people don’t see. Where we all act like everything is fine and dandy, equal and just, until something happens to shatter that illusion. A Trayvon Martin for example. Or in this case, a black nurse being on duty when a white kid dies. The story isn’t as simple as all that, none of Jodi’s books are. We are brought into the story, told by three very different points of view, and it leaves you thinking…it leaves you questioning….but the books never does leave you.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves her books. It is another beautiful written tale of ethics, morals, human emotion and soul searching.


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