Firefight -Brandon Sanderson

The Reckoners Book 2.


I think I liked this more than the first one. It is hard to write a synopsis without giving to much of the plot away (I really feel for book jacket writers!)

In this book we continue with the Reckoners mission to rid the world of Epics. However, it is proving to be harder and harder to do. Not only because the Epics they fight are stronger, but because of revaluations that David makes about them. Are all Epics bad or just the more powerful ones? Is it possible to be an Epic that does good? What happens if an Epic didn’t use their power? What happens when they use their powers too much?

I enjoy these books, not only for the world that Brandon created but because of the characters. I love David, he is like the little brother I never had. I think one of my favorite things about him is the way he speaks. His metaphors are awful and hilarious. For example this gem: “Trying to remain stable with two shifting jets of water coming out from your legs was like trying to balance a pot full frogs on the tops of two half-cooked pieces of spaghetti” And that isn’t even one of the funnier ones. At one point he compares someone to a potato in a minefield. You have to love him. He is also brave, smart, funny and fiercely loyal. All good hero qualities.

I look forward to reading the next book in the series and see where it takes the Reckoners and David.


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