Scrappy Little Nobody – Anna Kendrick


I can’t praise this book enough. It is a memoir written by the lovely Anna Kendrick (whom you recall from Voices (it had Ryan Reynolds in it?) 



Okay you know Pitch Perfect right? hqdefault

The one with Rebel Wilson?

Mike and Dave need Wedding dates? 

download (1).jpg

That one had Zac Efron!

How about oh I know Twilight you would have to be under a rock not to hear of Twilight! Yes! She was in that…                                                                 no not the broody one who can’t act…download

no not the chick with glasses…angelaweber

ah that one!!jessica-stanley-and-twilight-gallery

Anyway you should totally love her. And not just because she is amazing actress but she is also a good person. Hilariously funny to boot! Her Twitter account is the reason I have twitter in the first place. Here is fun summery of her tweets (thanks Buzzfeed!)

Anyway – sorry for the love fest, back to the book.

In this book she brings us into her life, her early years acting, some fun childhood stories, and some touching ones as well. We get small view into her world and her life and I enjoyed every minute it. I actually tweeted that it was like having a long conversation with a good friend. That is exactly what it felt like. Just Anna catching me up on her life. I couldn’t put the book down (ended up finishing it in less that two days (damn you sleep). I ended the book wanting so much more, wanting more tales of childhood, more stories from the sets, but most of all, after finishing the book, I just wanted more Anna. I had to remind myself that we weren’t actually friends, and that I couldn’t text her up real quick and get her view on something. What makes her so relatable and in turn made the book so good, was that she is normal. She is just like me. Socially awkward, full of insecurities and just trying to do the whole adult thing. Difference is, she makes it look adorable!

I would recommend this book to ANYONE, even they haven’t had a chance to see her on the big screen (or the small stage).


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